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WavySprite is an asset that will add a sine wave movements to your images. Here's an introduction video:


How to use

To start using WavySprite click GameObject > 2D Object > WavySprite in Unity's main menu. Or do the same by right-clicking the Hierarchy panel. This will add a new WavySprite object at the center if your current scene view.

WavySprite Unity asset settings
Customizing the properties and setting texture

Tint, Sorting layer and Order in layer fields work in the same way as they do for sprites, respectively allowing you to tint the image, assign a sorting layer and change the rendering order within a layer.

Lit checkbox will allow you to switch to Diffuse shader which reacts to light sources.

Divisions X and Y will allow you to set the level of detail for a mesh, generated by the asset. After changing it, you will see triangle count increase or decrease on top of WavySprite inspector to show how many triangles are used in the mesh.

Wave direction allows you to choose from vertical and horisontal sine waves. Keep in mind that rotating the sprite will not rotate the wave direction - the shader doesn't support this right now.

Static side allows you to choose which side of the object to keep unmoving.

Wave frequency, force and speed will change the properties of the sine waves generated by the shader.

That's it. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to message me on Twitter or by email.

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