Gradient Mesh

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Unity asset to quickly and easily generate gradients without using images. Here's what it can do:


How to use

To start using WavySprite click GameObject > 2D Object > Gradient Mesh in Unity's main menu. Or do the same by right-clicking the Hierarchy panel. This will add a new Gradient Mesh object at the center if your current scene view.

Gradient Mesh Unity asset settings
Customizing the properties of the gradient

Gradient field will allow you to set the gradient colors and alpha values.

Reverse button will reverse the direction your gradient.

Sector count allows you to control level of detail for the radial gradients. Setting it to 4 or 6 will let you achieve diamond and hexagonal gradients.

Sorting layer and Order in layer will work exactly the same as for sprites.

That's it. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to message me on Twitter or by email.

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